Youth Programs

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Youth Tae Kwon Do


  • Ultimate Kicks offers youth Tae Kwon Do classes for anyone 6-13 years old.
  • Classes are divided by rank and run two times a week for one hour
  • Class sizes average about 15 students.  This guarantees each student the individual attention as well as the sense of teamwork that makes the classes at Ultimate Kicks rewarding and seem so much like a family where great friendships can develop over time.

Ultimate Kicks Aims To Achieve

At Ultimate Kicks we strive to live the TENENTS OF TAE KWON DO both in and out of the gym (i.e. school, home, community, etc).TENETS OF TAE KWON DO are: Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, Perseverance, & Indomitable Spirit!  We strive to assist children in living the tenets outside of the gym through collaboration with parents, school staff & the community.What we ask of parents:

  • To use Tae Kwon Do as a teaching tool rather than a punishment.
  • To inform us when students are struggling or get in trouble at school or at home so that we may visit with the student.

All in focusing on improving manners, self-discipline and confidence while promoting physical fitness, flexibility and self-defense.

Youth Self-Protection

100_5867Ultimate Kicks offers a personal self-protection 2-3 hour seminar to groups of youth students.Who can participate:

  • Minimum of 6 participants requested
  • Any youth 6-13 years old


  • The basics of common sense self-protection/defense
  • The role of confident speech and/or attitude in self-protection/defense
  • How to escape from the grasp of an attacker
  • How to control an attacker on the ground
  • Very effective and easily implemented skills that could potentially prevent an attack or potentially save a student’s life.

Contact us to set up a day, time and to discuss fees.

  • Fridays or Saturdays are preferred