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  • “The thing I enjoy most about the Ultimate Kicks Program is watching my child improve his skills throughout the year.  The pride I feel seeing him try his best during testing.” ~ Ultimate Kicks Parent


  • “(My Child) has learned how to control his temper, self discipline, respect of others.  The thing we like most is going to tournaments and watching him excel each and every time.  We have noticed a big change in respect.”  ~ 3rd Year Ultimate Kick Parent



  • “It amazes me to see my daughter do so many challenging physical activities.  Watching her break boards, block punches, use nun chucks, etc. has been a real thrill!  She is such a quiet, shy child that to see her do these things is very surprising – in a good way!” ~ Ultimate Kicks Junior Black Belt Parent


  • “The ability for the whole family to participate.  As a black belt I am proud that my daughters earned their junior black belt along side of me.” ~Ultimate Kicks Family of Black Belts


  • “Tae Kwon Do/Martial Arts means: Be strong and proud.”  ~ 4 Year Old Ultimate Kicks Student


  • “Tae Kwon Do has taught my daughter so many valuable skills.  The most obvious is a love of physical fitness and respect for others, but she has also gained in self-confidence.  This gain in confidence has spread out through her entire life, showing in the classroom at school and her other extracurricular activities.”  ~ 3rd Year Ultimate Kicks Parent


  • “(My Child) He has become a much more confident kid, which has translated to other areas of his life.”  ~ Ultimate Kicks Junior Black Belt Parent



  • “TKD has taught my child self-discipline and confidence.  I have seen my son step up in other areas of his life as a result of this program!”  ~ Ultimate Kicks Junior Black Belt Parent


  • “Tae Kwon Do has helped me get back into a little shape.  I thought at the age of 40 maybe I would be too old.  It has turned out just the opposite.”  ~ Ultimate Kicks Adult Student


  • “Tae Kwon Do teaches respect which I think is something people forget.  I am actually looking at enrolling my two younger kids in it to help them understand life a little more.


  •  The only thing you get out of life is what you put into it.  I believe Tae Kwon Do offers the same thing.”  ~ Ultimate Kicks Adult Student


  • “Tae Kwon Do/Martial Arts has taught me manners and self confidence.  The thing I enjoy most about the Ultimate Kicks Program is the friends I have made and the challenges each new belt rank presents.  I can see myself grow.  The thing I have accomplished in TKD that surprised me is earning my black belt.  I didn’t start TKD with black belt as an initial goal.”  ~ Ultimate Kicks 2nd Degree Adult Black Belt


  • “Tae Kwon Do/Martial Arts means strength, confidence, and self-pride!”  ~ Ultimate Kicks Tae Kwon Do & Kickboxing Family