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Cancellation Policy

Should we experience a severe winter, in which the number of cancellations exceed the number of classes in the ‘bank’ to cover cancellations, the classes will be made up. These make-ups may not mean additional class times but rather increased instruction at Ultimate Kicks Tae Kwon Do’s expense. Additional instructors means the students will receive even more individual attention to prepare them for their next promotion without requiring additional trips to the gym on the part of the students/parents.

Classes are not pro-rated for misses. The extra work on the instructor’s part and the cost to bring in additional instructors to prepare the students is done at no additional cost to the students or their parents.

The number of classes given in a year has always balanced out, often in the student’s favor.

For cancellation announcements check the following:

  • Listen to KIXX 96.1
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Event Calendar
  • Call in to the voice message system
  • Announcements in your classes

Open Gym


Attending open gym is not required, but highly encouraged.  It is a time for students to work with other students or assistant instructors on material and to get a chance to practice sparring.  Open gym can be used as a make-up class, if needed.

Open gyms are scheduled when the instructors feel it appropriate.  They will inform you ahead of time if there is one or feel free to call any time.

Open gym is an extra.  the instructors take their time, unpaid, to work with you, their students.  Please do not take this time for granted.

Gym Etiquette


  • Bow when entering & exiting the gym
  • Respect ALL Instructors, Black Belts & Students
    • Address & respond with Ma’am/Sir
    • If you have a question ask respectfully (no arguing)
  • Arriving to class late:
    • Say, “Sorry I am late Ma’am/Sir” & join your class
    • Don’t make being late a habit
  • Class Absences
    • Call/message Master/Head Instructor(s) if you will be absent
  • Respect other student’s personal space
  • No shoes, food or drinks inside the gym
  • No bad attitudes:
    • Complaining
    • Whining
    • Foul Languange
    • Eye Rolling or Dirty Looks
  • Spectators: may quietly & respectfully watch a class but must refrain from verbal comments during class.  No negative attitudes will be tolerated.

** What is taught in the gym is not to be used outside of the gym in any form especially not in anger, revenge or intentionally harm another.  Rather it is only to be used for self-protection if one’s life or the life of someone not capable of defending oneself is in danger.

** Master Instructors reserve the right to excuse, dismiss, suspend or remove any individual from the gym or TKD event who is not abiding by these expectations & etiquette.